• We are now open to creative, original, and well-written reviews that mirror the structure on our slogan: Good. Short. Writing. That is, [Descriptor]. [Descriptor]. [Noun]. 
  • We believe all writing should be poetic, and we’re also looking for a focused reading on the core elements of each book, a close consideration of the essentials of style and structure.
  • Each of the 3 words (2 adjectives/adverbs and 1 noun) would serve as a heading for a section of the review. (Ex: Bewitching. Feminist. Fairy Tales.)
  • Types of books we want reviewed: concise creations (novellas, short novels) or longer works that collect brevities—story cycles, suites of poems, novellas, etc.
  • We’re looking for reviews of new books (published in the last 12 months) from emerging voices, especially debuts!
  • Maximum 600 words (~200 per section/key word). Please also include a short (~30-50 word) bio with your review.
  • We strongly encourage (and will prioritize) reviews from students, emerging writers/editors, and from perspectives that have been historically and systemically under-represented. As with our regular submissions and due to requirements for grant funding, the majority of our content must be produced by Canadian creators.
  • We offer published reviewers the choice of a print anthology from antilang.'s back-catalog (shipping within Canada only) or $10.
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.